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We don't like filling out forms and you probably don't either. Building custom software is a personal endeavor, so there are three options to contact us. You can call our direct line (see below), you can skype us, or you can email us. We'll do our best to acknowledge you within 1-2 hours, during business hours.

If you're curious, that's the view from our office in Iasi taken on April 2010.  

Contact Options

If you'd like to contact us, you have a couple of options. You can call us on our direct line. It's listed below. And yes, We do pick up our phone. If you'd better like free calls, you can call us on skype, or just chat with us abut your problems. Or you can drop us a line using our support email address. Your email will go right to our team leaders main email account, and to their HTCs.

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Do We Service Your Area?

You might be visiting this page to see if we are located near you.  No, We're not clairvoyant.  Many people have the perception that software development is a local service, so they look for companies near them. Sorry, we're probably not close to you. But don't fret! We're creating custom software, not repairing your air conditioner.  We don't need to be on-site every minute of your project, and after a couple of weeks you may not want us there anyway. Besides, we've been providing WORLDWIDE SERVICE since 2007, so we've pretty much figured out how to get the job done, with only occasional on-site visits. But in case you are curious, we are located right in the center of Iasi, Romania, Eastern Europe.

We look forward to chatting with you about your custom software project, ideas or any questions you have.